I sank into the warm water

I gazed as it slowly danced around my feet

I turned to kiss my arm

Just for a second

However, I did not weep


I needed to thank you

I wanted to let you know

How you’ve kept me here

All those times

I almost let go


I’m sorry for despising you

I’m sorry for making you cry

I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you

I’m still learning

This time I’m willing to try


I’ve never paused to think

How strong and resilient you are

I’ve not once really appreciated

You’ve brought me this far


This is for you

The best friend who keeps me safe

Through this anxious walk

The one who makes it quiet

When that voice begins to talk


I thank you for all you’ve done

I thank you for my voice

I thank you for my brain

I just want you to know


I’d like to be your friend again.


By Cathryn Caulfield.


ShambamblesRambles is on film !

ShambamblesRambles is up & running on Youtube !

Just search- ShambamblesRambles.

The following poems have been brought to life through some video shorts-

  • “Its Shite”
  • “Eggshells”
  • “The Window Cleaner”


Im hoping to create more videos for each poem in the near future 🙂

Thanks for listening !

Cat Caulfield 🙂




“TIME”- Poem

Craving and missing

Wanting but needing

Unmotivated unfulfilled and rotting

Something into nothing

Nothing yet to be something


Wasted minutes and misused years

Mostly consumed by self-doubting fears

Sore open wounds irritated then scratched

Somehow soothed by salty tears


Ticking tocking

Ignorance can be bliss

A head full of what ifs

What if the time was to stop

Is this is all there is.


By Cathryn Caulfield





The pigeons head bobs along to the music

It’s ridiculous yet I find it amusing

Passing by with my scarf tied up tight

I don’t want to scare it in case it takes flight


No one else notices this

People seem to have lost sight

Everyone’s pacing purposefully

Everyone looks like they’re ready for a fight


Why does no one just walk, dander or stroll

Where is so important that you must go

What’s the rush for

Can’t we all just take it slow?


Your neck is kinked

Your back is curved

Your phones glued to your hands

Your eyes seem blurred


I’m almost nervous to smile

Because no one else sees this

It’s there before you but you don’t appreciate it


Imagine if you looked up

Imagine being present

Imagine if we could laugh together

This comical moment given to us from this small ball of feathers.


By Cathryn Caulfield.



I sought to forget

Cast you aside

Focus on something else

I wanted to hide


I pleaded to love another

The love I should have offered you

I give it away so generously

But you deserve it too


When I make myself forget

Memories strike more vivid

I’ll fix you first

I have not yet been considered


A moth to a light

A light that I shared

Bright shining sparkling

Take it

Take it all I don’t care


You’ll make me forget that I am not healed

Let me mend all your wounds

Humour me so that I can feel

I surrender it to those less capable

I don’t leave any for my own

Damaged but unbreakable


I resent it after

I’m jealous too

Repairing the destruction of another before me

Just to make sure I don’t think or if I do see


To ignore that I am but to seek it in others

It could be friends sometimes lovers

To banish what haunts them

But one still be spooked

Running backwards before I open that book


Its pages are rags

It’s not on the shelf

But I resolved all the others

Still overlooking myself


Cathryn Caulfield


“MAYBE SO” – Poem



I don’t like maybe

Perhaps or probably

Creating such uncertainty


I don’t like it should do

I don’t care for potentially

I like when things are the way they’re meant to be



Lack of security

Baffling obscurity


Most likely


Walking into darkness cautiously


The need for a definite

Anxiety is infinite

A desire for concrete

Putting ground beneath my feet


A fear of the unknown

A recluse in my own home

I beg for assurance

Simply yes or no

Before I disclose

That I can’t even go



Cathryn Caulfield





You’re a thorn in my side

You’ll always be there

You’re not my first

But you’re still somewhere

You’re in the middle now

You can still make yourself known

Sometimes on brown envelopes addressed to my home

It’s not that I hate you or that I’m ashamed

It’s just you remind me of a weak girl who was always afraid

Some people think it’s because it was plain

Or that I just didn’t like it

But the truth is she’s another girl who died when I decided

This new one is a Lion

Feisty and fierce

A feline with claws who will rip off your face


Most people don’t get it wrong

Sometimes old friends do

My skin starts to crawl as I remember I used to be you

Reminding me of times I was scared

She didn’t have a voice

She could never be heard

This girl isn’t like that

She sings so loud

She’s the noisiest of the bunch and she stands so proud



So they say what’s in a name?

Well there you have it

An awful lot in fact

I’ve spent enough time trying to hide it

You know me as who I am now

Not her before

I’m still the same

Just a different name